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Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Review True New! 2021-04-10 17:09:20Technical issues aside, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is the definitive edition of an already fantastic experience for the PS5.

Scarlet Nexus Gets Lots of New Screenshots Showing New! 2021-04-10 16:41:07Bandai Namco's cross-generation JRPG Scarlet Nexus is getting closer and closer to its release, and more and more assets are being showcased.

Xbox Celebrates Bethesda Acquisition With One-of-a-Kind Portraits New! 2021-04-10 15:52:00Microsoft has certainly been keeping the news of the acquisition of Bethesda close to forefront of the audiences thoughts, and apparently, they arent

Best Cherry Blossom Views in Video Games New! 2021-04-10 15:39:38With the ongoing pandemic shutting down many IRL cherry blossom viewing parties, here are some games where you can still enjoy some beautiful spring s

'Outriders' Review | Goomba Stomp | A Fun, New! 2021-04-10 12:55:22People Can Flys Outriders feels like a relic from a time when Gears of War pushed a lot of games to consider going from being a first-person shooter t

Once Patched: Outriders Is A Fun And Engaging New! 2021-04-10 12:37:30In their review for the new game; Skewed and Reviewed stated that despite some serious issues at launch; once patched the game is a very fun and enjoy

What Nintendo 99 Game Do We Want To New! 2021-04-10 12:36:21With Pac-Man 99 Nintendo seems to be starting a trend of Nintendo 99 games. We postulate what new Battle Royale game we'd like to see in the future.

How to Complete 'Economic Stimulation' In Monster Hunter New! 2021-04-10 12:31:15Not sure how to complete Economic Stimulation in Monster Hunter Rise? Check out our guide for a full description on each item you need!

How to Complete 'Cultural Exchange' in Monster Hunter New! 2021-04-10 12:31:08Having trouble with Cultural Exchange in Monster Hunter Rise? Check out this guide to find out the location of each item!

Outriders Review - Bombastic Gunplay & Supercharged Abilities New! 2021-04-10 12:16:59Dylan from Explosion Network says that Outriders is "some of the most thrilling third-person combat he's played in years" in his review.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch New! 2021-04-10 07:47:34Through the first 20 weeks available worldwide the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the Switch and Xbox Series X|S by a fair margin. The PS5 is ahead of the

How to Win: Season One Review (PC) - New! 2021-04-10 07:16:46How to Win: Season One asked audience members how to play and win the game; now players can suffer through their suggestions.


Watch Akira Kazama Kick Some Butt in Street 2021-04-06 22:53:07Today, Capcom presented their Street Fighter V Spring Update showcase. The video in question focused mostly on upcoming fighters Rose and Oro, but it

PAC-MAN 99 Releases for Nintendo Switch Online Members 2021-04-06 22:34:57We may have lost Super Mario Bros. 35, but Nintendo and Bandai Namco are bringing us something new in its place. Announced in a late afternoon tweet,

Review | Vaporum: Lockdown 2021-04-06 20:04:32The days of grid based dungeon crawlers have more or less deteriorated. However, Fatbot Games continues to keep the genre alive with Vaporum: Lockdown

Monster Hunter Rise Soars Past 5 Million Units 2021-04-05 00:09:15It’s been just over a week, but Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped more than 5 million units. Releasing worldwide on Marc

Bring it Back | Remember Me 2021-04-04 19:12:36Part two of our double dose of Bring it Back features gives us another Capcom franchise with lots of potential. After Asura’s Wrath, we now take

Bring it Back | Asura’s Wrath 2021-04-04 15:08:59Happy Easter everyone! While Easter always hits on a Sunday, Sunday also means another Bring it Back feature! Since we unfortunately didn’t have

Preview | Project Triangle Strategy 2021-04-02 09:00:00Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time. While the later games in the series didn’t quite reach my exp

Super Mario RPG | Bahamut Lagoon | Front 2021-04-01 11:37:43Square Special Video VHS – preserved! This Japanese tape features promotional trailers for Super Mario RPG, Bahamut Lagoon, & Front Mission:

Sink Your Teeth Into Maneater’s Upcoming DLC, Truth 2021-04-01 09:39:50While it may be April Fool’s Day, that doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate announcements being made today. One such announcement co

Gaming With Killatia Persona 5 Strikers Review 2021-03-31 22:16:27Was expecting your average Warrior style game, but got something even better! Killatia checks out Persona 5 Strikers on the Nintendo Switch, also on P

Hitman 3’s Dubai Mission is Free to Play 2021-03-30 17:00:11IO interactive recently announced that players can now experience the first level of Hitman 3 for free via the Hitman 3: Free Starter P

Junkyard Daredevil Racing Just Released for iPhone/iPad 2021-03-26 04:21:31Junkyard Daredevil Racing is a different take on the classic Hill Climb Racing Game. Free from uber cluttered UI, intrusive ads and frustrating timers

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Wrestlemania 37 Night 1 Results, Review, And Recap New! 2021-04-10 18:00:00WWE's Wrestlemania 37 will be the biggest PPV event for the company throughout 2021. Numerous championships will be defended, feuds will come to an e

Sony's London Studio Is Hiring For PS5 Game, New! 2021-04-10 15:07:00Sony's London Studio has often worked on accessory-based games for PlayStation systems, and its recent efforts have been on PlayStation VR. Now, it a

Age Of Empires 4 Will Let You Command New! 2021-04-10 13:50:00Age of Empires might not be one of Microsoft's biggest series, but fans have been enjoying the history-filled real-time strategy and massive battles

Typing Of The Dead Mod Preserves Yahoo Answers' New! 2021-04-10 10:18:00Yahoo Answers, the crowd-sourced answering service that has given us many laughs over the years, is shutting down permanently on May 4. That seemed to

Epic Games Is Losing An Absurd Amount Of New! 2021-04-10 09:34:00Epic Games seems to understand that, given Steam's massive user-base, the only way it can be a viable competitor is to have games that you can't pla

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Goes Gold Ahead Of New! 2021-04-10 08:40:00Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to release in just over a month, and the remastered trilogy's project director Mac Walters has announced that it

Fortnite Adds New Shop Section For Previously Vaulted New! 2021-04-10 08:26:00Fortnite has featured a ridiculous number of characters, Back Blings, Emotes, and other cosmetics over the last few years, so it's understandable tha

Under Its Meme-Inspired Humor, Soup Pot Is About 2021-04-09 20:25:00First shown off during the March ID@Xbox showcase, Soup Pot is the debut title of Manila developer Chikon Club. The adorable-looking cooking game capt

Zack Snyder Unveils Army Of The Dead Poster 2021-04-09 19:33:00Sometimes you just gotta get that money. And sometimes, there are zombies in between you and that money. That's what Zack Snyder's upcoming film, Ar

Turns Out Diablo 2 Is Still Really Good 2021-04-09 19:30:00Please don't be mad at me, I haven't played Diablo 2 since middle school. And at that time, my friends (who were also high-level StarCraft and Warcr

Stay On Target With The Wearable Star Wars 2021-04-09 18:48:00When watching Star Wars for the first time, it's easy to imagine yourself in so many roles--Jedi, smuggler, bounty hunter, fighter pilot, princess--b

PSA: Not Using Outriders' Mods Makes The Game 2021-04-09 18:16:00Outriders can be a tough game once you start to get into it. Despite access to a host of different ludicrous superpowers, you're still human at the e

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Cryptocurrency Mining Could Destroy PC Gaming as We’ve 2021-04-02 07:20:07Cryptocurrency mining is already warping the GPU market. If it continues, it could change how and where people play video games. The post Cryptocurre

Boutique PC Builder Launches ‘No GPU’ Boxes to 2021-03-29 15:44:15At least one boutique vendor is now shipping gaming PCs without GPUs as a way of moving hardware in the midst of the ongoing shortage. The post Bouti

This Copy of Super Mario Bros. Is About 2021-03-26 18:19:26This sealed cartridge is set to shatter records with its auction price, which is creeping up on $400,000 with several days still to go. The post This

AMD Radeon 6700 XT Review: A Great GPU 2021-03-26 13:01:53Our full review looks at the RX 6700 XT as compared with the RTX 3070, as well as Nvidia's previous-generation RTX 2080 and the 5700 XT, with some su

MSI Expects GPU Shipments to Continue Dropping, May 2021-03-25 15:25:40During a recent investor call, MSI chairman Joseph Hsu said the company expects the supply of video cards and other in-demand gaming components will c

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti Possibly Pushed Back Until 2021-03-24 16:28:24Nvidia may have delayed the RTX 3080 Ti back to May, and Ampere GPUs are in short supply. Samsung's production woes may not have ended. The post Nvi

Qualcomm May Release a Nintendo Switch Clone Running 2021-03-24 14:21:59Playing Fortnite on a hacked switch will probably get you banned. The Android-powered device will have removable JoyCon-style controllers, 5

Here Are Your Options for an Affordable GPU 2021-03-24 12:33:19Those seeking an affordable GPU for under $200 are not entirely without options. We run down the possibilities. The post Here Are Your Options for an

Report: Nintendo ‘Switch Pro’ Will Feature DLSS, New 2021-03-24 09:02:25Nintendo's rumored "Switch Pro" will supposedly use Nvidia's DLSS technology to hit 4K resolutions while docked, but it may debut at a higher pric

PS5 Availability Is Improving, but GPUs Prices Are 2021-03-23 14:35:12GPU prices have continued moving in the wrong direction this spring. The only good news is that demand for the PlayStation 5 may be weakening. The po

GPUs Prices Are the Worst We’ve Ever Tracked 2021-03-23 14:35:12GPU prices have continued moving in the wrong direction this spring. The only good news is that demand for the PlayStation 5 may be weakening. The po

GTX 1050 Ti Rides Again: 2016 Budget GPU 2021-03-23 09:17:14It's the end of Q1 2021. Let's celebrate the ongoing non-availability of graphics cards by enjoying the relaunch of the GTX 1050 Ti, a 4.5-year-old